October 13, 2017

ACR Presents New Codes at October RUC Meeting

The American College of Radiology (ACR) made time and value recommendations for new procedure codes at the Oct. 4-6 American Medical Association/Relative Value Scale Update Committee (AMA/RUC) meeting. The 15 new codes involve procedures related to fine needle aspiration, magnetic resonance imaging of the breast and injection for knee arthrography.

The ACR was typically well-represented:

  • Ezequiel Silva III, MD, FACR, and William Donovan, MD, PhD, FACR, served on the AMA RUC panel as the radiology representatives. Silva is the radiology representative to the panel, and Donovan is his alternate.
  • ACR Alternate RUC Advisor Daniel Wessell, MD, PhD, led the presentation of all 15 codes to the RUC panel, with the support of Greg Nicola, MD, FACR. Nicola is the RUC advisor for the American Society for Neuroradiology and volunteered to assist the ACR in the absence of Kurt Schoppe, MD, the ACR’s RUC advisor. Schoppe was unable to attend the meeting.
    Dana Smetherman, MD, FACR, and Lauren Golding, MD, served as clinical specialists for the MR breast code family and addressed panelist questions about technological changes and procedural aspects relevant to this procedure.
  • Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR, Andrew Moriarity, MD, and Richard Heller, MD, attended as guests of the ACR. Allen is a former ACR RUC advisor and Radiology RUC panel member. Moriarity is a second-time attendee who has expressed interest in learning about the RUC process. As a first-time attendee to a RUC meeting, Heller had the following observation, “Witnessing the RUC and the amount of work that the ACR team puts in has given me a deeper appreciation for the value of the College. I was humbled by the complexity of the process and am grateful that we have such outstanding colleagues working on behalf of our specialty.”  

The ACR is already preparing for the January 2018 RUC meeting in San Diego. We anticipate that surveys for this upcoming RUC cycle will be launched within the next month. Due to the short survey cycle time, the ACR strongly encourages members who receive a survey to complete it as soon as possible. Please email ACR RUC staff member Stephanie Le or phone (703) 648-8900, ext. 4584, if you have any questions.