October 07, 2016

ACR Proposes New CPT Codes at CPTHCPAC Meeting

The American College of Radiology (ACR) and a coalition of radiology specialty societies requested new CPT codes for emerging applications of diagnostic and interventional radiology at the recent American Medical Association’s Current Procedure Terminology (CPT®) Editorial Panel/Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee (HCPAC) 2016 meeting in Austin, TX.

The three-day session, which ended Oct. 1, was the last of three meetings to update codes for the 2018 CPT Code cycle.

The ACR co-sponsored two code proposals. One called for a code to describe pulmonary tumor cryoablation. The other involved the deletion of the brachial retrograde angiography procedure code 75658 and introduction of needle/catheter code 36120.

Other CPT code proposals relevant to radiology practices related to intraoperative clip placement instruction, bone marrow aspiration, endovascular repair, thromboendarterectomy instruction, incompetent vein treatment, intravascular ultrasound inclusions parenthetical, peri-prostatic implantation of biodegradable material and code set maintenance.

The radiology specialty societies met separately in Austin to discuss a number of possible future proposals including new CPT codes for MR and ultrasound elastography, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, fine needle aspiration, breast MRI and diagnostic dose calculations.

Anticipated radiology code changes for Calendar Year 2018 will be discussed in the March/April 2017 ACR Radiology Coding Source to give radiology practices enough time to consider changes needed to update contracts for the following year.

For a list of all approved 2017 CPT codes, see the September/October 2016 ACR Radiology Coding Source. It will be posted later this month.