November 06, 2019

RADPAC’s Successful RADTOBERFEST Campaign

The Young Physician Section won RADPAC’s RADTOBERFEST over the Resident Fellow Section for the second consecutive year. Most importantly, this year’s campaign had the highest number of contributors and raised the highest contribution totals!

Specifically, there were 39 more contributors and more than $10,000 in contribution dollars raised during our 2019 Campaign compared to 2018.

For those who attend RSNA and participated in the RADTOBERFEST campaign, an open bar reception will be held at Punch Bowl Social Bar from 10pm–Midnight on Monday, December 2. For those who would like to attend the event but did not contribute beforehand, go to to learn how to join what is sure to be the premiere advocacy (and social) event at RSNA!

For the year, RADPAC® has had 2,254 contributors and has received over $800,000 in contributions. Last year’s totals were 3,008 contributors and $1.2 million in contributions.