November 15, 2018

CMS Releases 2017 QPP Performance Results

On November 8, 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a summary of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) Year 1 performance results.

Due largely to the low performance threshold of three points established for the 2017 transition year, 93 percent of MIPS-eligible clinicians received a positive payment adjustment, with 95 percent avoiding a negative payment adjustment.

The mean and median for overall national performance scores were 74.01 and 88.97 respectively. In future years of the QPP, these figures will be used to established a performance threshold for receiving a neutral or positive payment adjustment, although for 2018 this number is set at 15 points.

Clinicians participating via an alternative payment model (APM) scored higher, with a mean/median of 87.64/91.67, whereas participants who reported as individuals or groups scored a mean/median of 65.71/83.04. Small and rural practices scored somewhat lower than the national average, with a mean of 43.46 for small practices and 63.08 for rural practices.

There is no scoring breakdown by specialty at this time, but the American College of Radiology will keep members informed if and when a more detailed summary is released.