November 10, 2017

ACR Prepares for 2018 State Legislative Season

While state legislative activities in 2017 are winding down, the American College of Radiology (ACR) is gearing up its planning efforts for 2018.

Legislatures in 46 states will meet in 2018 legislative sessions. Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas are the only exceptions. Their legislatures will not convene in 2018. Fourteen states have begun to pre-file bills, and 17 more will be accepting proposals in November and December.

California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Idaho and Wisconsin do not allow legislation pre-filing. In these states, all bills are submitted only when their legislatures are in session.

The ACR expects to see lots of activity during final two months of 2017 in advance of 2018 legislative sessions. States have an incentive to act quickly because pre-filing cuts down preparation time. Once the agenda schedules are finalized, deliberations can begin at the very start of the legislative session.

The ACR state affairs staff serves as a resource for important state issues, such as scope of practice, surprise/balance billing, price transparency and reimbursement, teleradiology licensing and medical liability reform.

Several pre-filed bills for 2018 already address hotly debated medical imaging issues:

  • Florida HB 199. Related to balance billing and proposing to revise requirements for prior authorizations for health care benefits; provide requirements and procedures for insurers to specify order of medical procedure, course of treatment or prescription drugs used to treat insured's condition.
  • Florida SB 164. Related to breast density reporting, to require facilities performing mammography to include certain information in a summary of the mammography report which must be provided to each patient.
  • New Hampshire HB 1471. Related to telemedicine reimbursement parity.

Coordinating state level advocacy activities can be streamlined when you know where to find resources on state legislative and regulatory issues of interest. Explore the following resources to learn about advocacy and helpful ACR resources:

ACR Chapter Leaders Portal (member login required)

  1. Click ACR resources
  2. Click Government Relations then click State GR.  

This resource library contains documents and forms collected by staff to assist chapter officers and executives.

Grassroots and Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN)
We now have capability to send targeted calls-to-action alerts at state level by working with CQ Engage vendor. Please contact staff to learn more about this feature!

Websites for State Legislatures

Tracking Legislation
If you would like to receive weekly alerts from StateScape for bills currently being tracked in your state, please contact