May 27, 2016

ACR Proposes Updates at CPT Editorial Panel

The American College of Radiology and a coalition of radiology specialty society advisors attended the May 2016 Current Procedure Terminology (CPT®) Editorial Panel meeting in Chicago. This was the third of three meetings to update codes for the 2018 CPT Code cycle.

The ACR sponsored two code proposals. One called for deletion of CPT code 93965; Noninvasive physiologic studies of extremity veins, complete bilateral study (eg, Doppler waveform analysis with responses to compression and other maneuvers, phleborheography, impedance plethysmography). It was determined to be an old code that is no longer in use.

The second proposal requested an editorial revision to the 2016 adopted biliary stent code parentheticals. A clarifying parenthetical after CPT biliary stent placement codes 47538, 47539 and 47540 was requested to reiterate the guidance that is part of the introductory text regarding reporting of multiple stents.

The CPT Editorial Panel asked that both revisions appear in the CPT 2017 code book.

For a list of all the anticipated radiology code changes for Calendar Year 2017, please refer to the March/April 2016 ACR Radiology Coding Source. Awareness of anticipated 2017 codes will give you and your practice time to consider changes needed to update your contracts for the coming year. The September/October 2016 ACR Radiology Coding Source will list the new codes and descriptors.