May 21, 2020

Virtual Medicare CAC Meeting to Discuss Facet Joint and Medial Nerve Branch Procedures

Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) will host a multi-jurisdictional Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting at 2 pm ET on May 28.

The MACs will use the meeting to obtain advice from CAC members and subject matter experts (SMEs) to gauge the strength of published evidence on facet joint and medial nerve branch procedures. In addition to the discussion, the CAC and SME panel will vote on pre-distributed questions.

CAC panels do not make coverage determinations, but MACs benefit from their advice. Those interested in this clinical topic area are encouraged to attend as observers.

Information on the contractor medical director workgroup participants, agenda, bibliography and voting questions has been posted for the public. The CAC panel will discuss and vote on the following areas:

  • Procedure efficacy — Questions will assess the evidence for the efficacy of the various facet joint interventions
  • Patient selection — Questions will evaluate evidence to determine the appropriate patients for the procedures and if patients are selected appropriately
  • Procedure-related questions

Registration and meeting materials are available online. For more information, contact Alicia Blakey, American College of Radiology® senior economic policy analyst.