March 31, 2017

HHS Issues Compliance Effectiveness Resource Guide

Radiology practices looking to improve their compliance program effectiveness should check the new resource guide developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The downloadable 54-page resource guide, issued on March 27, covers the proceedings of a Jan. 17 compliance effectiveness roundtable that involved OIG compliance professional and staff. It describes measurement options and covers the following seven common compliance program elements for health care organizations:

  • Standards, policies and procedures
  • Compliance program administration
  • Screening and evaluation of employees, physicians, vendors and other agents
  • Communication, education and training on compliance Issues
  • Monitoring, auditing and internal reporting systems
  • Discipline for non-compliance
  • Investigations and remedial measures

The guide is an effort by HHS and OIG to offer ideas and suggestions to a broad range of health care organizations and is not intended to be used as a standard or certification of compliance.

Please direct your questions to Dominick Parris ( in the American College of Radiology’s Department of Economics and Health Policy.