March 25, 2016

House Roundtable Initiates Head Injury Review

The House Energy and Commerce Committee and its Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a roundtable discussion on March 14, kicking off the committee’s plan to conduct a comprehensive concussion review of head injuries and concussions.

The roundtable engaged a diverse cadre of experts on head trauma experts – including the representing federal agencies, public health, the military, athletics, and research communities. and federal agency representatives.

The stated goal of the forum was to explore what is known, and not known, about concussions, and how the research community is working to meet the challenges related to their prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of concussion. The Committee further hopes to identify opportunities to achieve meaningful progress in this field of research.

Committee leaders also conveyed an interest in broadening the discussion about concussion beyond its impact on athletes and military service members, noting that car accidents affecting the general population and falls among in the elderly population contribute significantly to the morbidity and mortality associated with head trauma and concussions.

A common theme among roundtable participants was the need for additional research on the topic. Participants also They discussed the importance of improved diagnostic tools for head injuries including advanced imaging technology for head injuries.

Although dates for future committee discussions on concussions have not yet been established, additional meetings are expected.