March 18, 2016

ACR Declares Call to Action for CTC Legislation

President Obama recently signed a White House Proclamation declaring March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. As longtime supporter of early colon cancer detection, the American College of Radiology (ACR) applauded the president’s action and announced a Call to Action asking all its members to contact their senators and representatives to co-sponsor HR 4632/SB 2262, the CT Colonography (CTC) Screening for Colorectal Cancer Act of 2016

CT colonography (CTC) is a minimally invasive colon cancer screening test that uses a CT scan to produce high quality multi-dimensional images of the colon for highly accurate colon cancer detection. Also referred to as a virtual colonoscopy, CTC is an American Cancer Society-approved screening test that is covered by many major private payers but not by Medicare.

The legislation would give the Medicare population covered access to a less invasive screening option than conventional colonoscopy. CTC leads to earlier cancer detection, more effective treatment and most importantly, more saved lives.

Please join our grassroots campaign. More than 400 ACR members have already sent more than 1,200 letters to Congress. You can take action now