March 14, 2018

ACR Members Bring Radiology Out of the Dark

American College of Radiology (ACR) member Marco Ertreo, MD, presented “Out of the Dark: Radiology Specialty Spotlight” at the recent AMSA (American Medical Student Association) conference. The conference attracted more than 1,000 students.

Jocelyn Rapelyea, MD, and Dr. Ertreo demonstrated various ultrasound procedures, in the two-hour clinical skills workshop. Shahed Badiyan, MD, and Pranshu Mohindra, MD, showed the students Radiation Treatment Planning.

In the ACR booth, Ann Jay, MD, answered students’ questions about Radiology. ACR staff demonstrated Radiology-TEACHES — one of many ACR teaching tools.

Meanwhile, several ACR members educated medical students at a recent American Medical Association Medical Student Section clinical skills workshop.

During the two-hour workshop in Washington, approximately 70 students had the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations — including:

  • Ultrasound-guided procedures conducted by Raymond Tu, MD, and Andrea Giacometti, MD
  • Catheterization techniques shown by Robert Paley, MD and 
  • IVC filter insertion and retrieval led by Keith Horton, MD 

Brandi Page, MD, provided students with an overview of Radiation Treatment Planning. 

The eighth workshop of this type, in collaboration with the AMA, ACR’s interactive Radiology and Radiation Oncology stations have proven to be extremely popular and consistently draw large crowds.

For more information on these efforts, visit the ACR Medical Education and Student Outreach section.