March 08, 2018

Arizona Radiologists Oppose Weakened Scope of Practice Review Process

The American College of Radiology’s (ACR’s) Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) helped the Arizona Radiological Society (ARS) prepare a state-level call to action during the week of March 4 to oppose SB 1470, a proposal to radically change Arizona’s "sunrise" process for reviewing medical scope of practice issues.

The current process for reviewing all scope of practice proposals in Arizona requires a critical review and evaluation to assure proposed health care regulations are carefully vetted before they are filed with the legislature. SB 1470 seeks to eliminate critical parts of this sunrise process. It would only require a written sunrise report to be considered by legislative standing committees in the Arizona House and Senate rather than a more stringent review by a specific committee of reference involving a joint subcommittee composed of members of standing committees from both chambers.

New licensing and scope of practice changes can significantly change how health care services are delivered. The ARS and the Arizona Medical Association believe the current process improves regulatory revisions and preserves patient safety. It is collaborative, inclusive and allows adequate focused time for consideration and review of complicated health care delivery proposals.

As opposition to SB 1470 grows, the collaboration between RAN and ARS is demonstrating the effectiveness of calls to action for mobilizing the collective power of radiologists to advocate for important state and federal public policy positions. For more information, contact Eugenia Brandt (, ACR Director of State Affairs.