June 15, 2018

West Virginia Considers Modified CON Rule for PET

The West Virginia Health Care Authority has scheduled an additional public comment period for proposed changes to its Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Certificate of Need (CON) standard.

The draft special exemption from CON requires approval from the West Virginia Health Care Authority. The state’s existing CON program does not offer exemptions, but it is proposed that PET providers will not be required to address the standards if they meet the following criteria:  

  • Shared health services between two or more hospitals licensed in West Virginia providing health services made available through existing technology that can reasonably be mobile. This exemption does not include providing mobile cardiac catheterization. --West Virginia Code § 16-2D-11(c)(5)
  • The replacement of major medical equipment with like equipment, only if the replacement major medical equipment cost is more than the expenditure minimum.* -- West Virginia Code § 16-2D-11(c)(9) *capital expenditure minimum for calendar year 2017 is $5,100,000.

Comments must be received no later than close of business on June 28, 2018.