June 16, 2017

State Legislative Update

After the Connecticut Senate unanimously passed Bill 586 last week, “An Act Expanding Mandated Health Benefits for Women, Children and Adolescents,” the bill did not make it to a vote prior to Wednesday’s midnight deadline for adjournment. The bill gathered bipartisan support and thought to create a new mandate for the state’s health insurers to cover 21 essential health benefits for women, including breast cancer screenings.

On June 8th, Nevada’s Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed AB 382. If adopted, the legislation would have forced emergency room physicians and specialty physicians who render out-of-network care to accept as payment, a “reasonable rate” determined by the insurer. A coalition of hospital-based providers argued that the proposal would have imposed artificially low payment rates for emergency care, negatively impacting rural facilities and severely limiting state’s ability to recruit and retain specialty providers.

In his veto message, the Governor noted that AB 382 "brings into focus a difficult and timely issue that needs clarity, discussion and maximum input from patients, insurers and health care providers." Also under consideration is issuance of an Executive Order to form a committee of stakeholders to study this issue further.

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