May 30, 2019

ACR Payer Relations Committee and Network Convenes at Annual Meeting

The American College of Radiology (ACR) Payer Relations Committee and Network, tasked with tracking and responding to many different types of private insurer issues in radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine, held a meeting during the ACR 2019 meeting in Washington, DC. The mission of the Committee and Network aims at advancing ACR efforts to protect patient access to appropriate imaging services in all clinical settings.

The broad scope of the committee and network’s activities were reflected in the following topics addressed during their discussion:

  • Site of service preauthorization and steerage policies
  • Out-of-network surprise coverage gaps
  • The uses of clinical decision support by private payers
  • Model coverage policy for prostate MR

In addition, the committee and network addressed how to increase ACR member involvement in payer relations activities. They include encouraging participation in the private ACR Engage community, dedicated to private payer discussions among members of the Payer Relations Committee and Network. Please contact Katie Keysor if you are interested in becoming involved in these discussions and activities.