May 30, 2019

ACR 2019 Attendees Get Sneak Peek at ACR AI-LAB™

The ACR AI-LAB™ demonstration booth at the American College of Radiology (ACR) 2019 Annual Meeting May 19-21 in Washington, DC, introduced the new software platform to hundreds of attendees over the course of several days. The demos gave attendees the opportunity to evaluate images, use preloaded data to create and modify their own artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and see the output from running an algorithm.

The ACR AI-LAB feature for evaluating AI algorithms generated significant interest, as radiologists expect to have a need to measure algorithm performance on their own patient data in the future.

ACR AI-LAB videos are freely available and cover a range of AI topics, from an overview of the platform to explanations of commonly used AI terms such as architecture, over-fitting and cost function. They are a new resource for those interested in developing a better understanding of AI.

For those who missed the ACR AI-LAB booth, the free webinar ACR AI-LAB™: Bringing AI to Routine Clinical Use on June 6 at 7:00 pm ET will cover how the software platform allows radiologists to evaluate AI algorithms for use at their own U.S. institutions and empowers them to participate in the creation, validation and use of health care AI models tailored to their local patient population.