June 09, 2017

RADPAC Entertains Success at ACR 2017

The RADPAC(R) booth was a bustle of activity at ACR 2017 with representatives accepting contributions from ACRA(R) members.

Beyond the popularity of RADPAC’S annual social event, held at Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian National Zoo this year, the infectious energy level at the booth reflected the members’ commitment to radiology’s political action committee (PAC) and their recognition of its importance to the pursuit of radiology’s legislative agenda. Because of their support, RADPAC ranks second only to the American Society of Anesthesiologists for how much money is raised annually by a PAC among the nation’s 22 largest specialty medical societies. RADPAC is affiliated with the American College of Radiology Association (ACRA), a 501(c)6 organization that is legally entitled to engage in political advocacy.

In a presentation at ACR 2017, Ted Burnes, director of RADPAC and political education, announced that RADPAC raised $1,323,708 in hard money from 3,305 contributors in 2016.

The funds assist RADPAC’s bipartisan efforts supporting pro-radiology political candidates and members of Congress. Funds also go to the election campaigns of influential members of Congress who sit on committees of jurisdiction for radiology-related legislation and members who have professional health care experience.

RADPAC displayed an uncanny ability to pick election winners last year. For primary and general election races for the Senate, 33 of the 37 or 89 percent of candidates and members of Congress backed by RADPAC won their elections. In the House, its success rate was 99%, with 198 winners among the 201 candidates receiving RADPAC support.

Burnes noted that RADPAC promotes radiology and its legislative priorities throughout the year, including:

  •  Hosting five to seven fundraising events a year for members of Congress in their congressional districts
  • Organizing up to 30 facility visits a year where members of Congress tour a radiology practice in their districts
  • Arranging up to 10 speaking engagements a year for members of Congress at state radiology chapter meetings
  • RADPAC staff attending approximately 500 fundraising events and hosting 15 fundraisers for members of Congress annually