July 02, 2019

Educate Your Member of Congress by Hosting a Facility Visit

Less than 30 of the 535 Members of Congress have a healthcare background. So while 10 percent of Congress is voting on healthcare issues, only five percent have a firsthand knowledge of how the healthcare system actually works. One of RADPAC’s core missions is to educate Members of Congress on healthcare issues, with a particular focus on the practice of radiology.

RADPAC has coordinated over 150 facility visits with Members of Congress. The visits last about 45 minutes with the focus primarily spent on touring the practice/department so the Member of Congress can see the technology involved in providing imaging care to patients. RADPAC does the legwork to identify a date, to coordinate with the Member of Congress’ staff and provide talking points for the visit. If you have interest in hosting your Member of Congress for a visit of your practice, please contact Ted Burnes at tburnes@acr.org.

RADPAC at Halfway Point of 2019

RADPAC has reached the halfway point of 2019 and here is where the fundraising stands so far: $562,997 contributed from 1,681 radiologists. Go to our RADPAC website to see how your state ranks and to see if your practice is "outstanding."