July 01, 2020

Pennsylvania Advances Two Measures Related to Diagnostic Imaging

Pennsylvania SB 595 aims to amend the insurance policies related to coverage of diagnostic breast imaging. The measure seeks the minimum coverage to include MRI (or ultrasound if recommended by the treating physician) for patients at an increased risk of breast cancer due to specified factors including:

  1. Heterogeneously dense and extremely dense breast tissue composition
  2. BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations
  3. A lifetime risk of breast cancer greater than 20% according to risk assessment tools based on family history

The Pennsylvania Radiological Society worked with the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition to support this legislation and are pleased to report that the bill is eligible for Governor Wolf’s signature as of June 30.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania House Health Committee held a hearing June 24 on HB 2103, a measure to require entities performing diagnostic imaging service to provide written notice directly to the patient or the patient's designee at the time of service. Several of the provisions are designed to clarify existing parts of the “Patient Test Result Information Act,” or Pennsylvania Act 112 of 2018.