July 23, 2019

ACR Summarizes Anticipated CPT Code Changes for 2020

Radiologists and their business managers can expect CPT code bundling for gastrointestinal tract imaging and lumbar puncture, as well as a new family of codes in 2020 for nuclear medicine SPECT/CT studies and other coding revisions, as reported in detail in the March/April 2019 American College of Radiology (ACR) Coding SourceTM.

As in past years, many codes were created as a result of bundling mandates from the American Medical Association’s Relativity Assessment Workgroup for the purpose of identifying what it considers as potentially “misvalued” services. Code pairs identified as being performed together 75 percent or a higher percentage of the time are referred to the Current Procedural Technology (CPT®) Editorial Panel for bundling.

For 2020, the ACR® anticipates bundling of imaging for procedures, such as upper gastrointestinal tract imaging and lumbar puncture. In addition, a new family of codes will be available to describe nuclear medicine SPECT/CT studies. Code 0482T for absolute quantitation of myocardial blood flow (AQMBF) and code G0365 for duplex scan arterial inflow and venous outflow upper extremity and will be converted to Category I.

Four new Category III codes, effective as of July 1, 2019, were created for 3D printing of anatomic models and cutting/drilling guides.

The ACR urges members to review and consider how the bundled and new code changes may impact their practices.