July 22, 2016

ACR Tells VA No Imaging by CNPs

In comments to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the American College of Radiology opposed giving Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNPs) – full practice authority to: “Order, perform, supervise, and interpret … imaging studies. The College noted that the proposed rule reflects a “lack of input by medical imaging professionals, is misleading as it applies to medical imaging, and ignores critical factors that would advise against adoption” of the rule.

The College pointed out that “CNPs do not have the specialized education, experience or skills required to order, interpret, supervise or perform imaging studies. ACR added that “using CNPs to order, interpret, supervise or perform imaging studies will jeopardize quality of care and thwart the goal of the rulemaking to decrease wait times in the VA healthcare system.”

The College went on to state that “Extending APRN practice authority in the VA to encompass imaging is not consistent with the role of APRNs in the non-VA health care sector and contravenes VHA’s obligation to meet or exceed generally-accepted professional standards.”

Click here to read the ACR comment letter to the VA.