July 15, 2016

RADPAC Supports Radiology Friendly Candidates

RADPAC®, radiology’s political action committee, is operating from position of strength to support pro-radiology candidates during the critical campaign months leading up to November’s general election.

Ted Burnes, director of RADPAC and political education for the American College of Radiology Association (ACRA), notes the number of contributors and the amount of money raised by RADPAC through the first half of 2016 is nearly identical to its performance at this time last year. As of July 1, RADPAC had 2,051 contributors compared to 2,063 contributors in mid-2015. RADPAC has thus far raised $776,932 in 2016 compared to $759,355 at the midpoint of 2015.

Though RADPAC’s primary focus is on increasing its number of contributors rather than dollars raised, Burnes is pleased with this year’s contributions growth, which runs counter to trends toward fewer contributors and lower contribution volumes seen in previous Presidential election years. As a result, RADPAC is on track in 2016 to reach more than 3,000 contributors and raise over $1.3 million for the sixth straight year.

In 2015, RADPAC finished as the No. 2 physician specialty Political Action Committee (PAC) trailing only anesthesiologists in both dollars raised and contributions made. This ranking matters, according to Burnes, because it illustrates to members of Congress the radiology community’s strong commitment to its political advocacy efforts, and it provides RADPAC with additional leverage in building relationships and advancing its policy positions on Capitol Hill.

RADPAC will be aggressive with its contributions during this election year with only one criteria in mind — to support Congressional candidates who are pro-radiology, regardless of political party. RADPAC plans to spend more than $500,000 in independent expenditures and an additional $600,000 in direct contributions to support the campaigns of radiology-friendly candidates for Congress.

RADPAC staff will meet with several members of Congress who are up for re-election and first-time Congressional candidates while attending the Republican and Democratic conventions in July. After the conventions, RADPAC will publish monthly election updates for ACRA members.

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