July 11, 2019

R-SCAN Projects Chosen to Illustrate Prowess of TCPi Power Packs

Radiology practices participating in the American College of Radiology’s (ACR’s) Radiology Support, Communications and Alignment Network (R-SCANTM) projects have been singled out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to illustrate the innovative transformation accomplishments possible through its Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi).

Established in 2015, TCPi lends technical assistance to 140,000 clinicians in the U.S. to achieve large-scale clinical and administrative transformations. Participating hospitals, clinics and physician practices have realized significant quality improvements to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, increase the appropriateness of ordered tests and procedures, improve clinical outcomes and cut costs.

As a support and alignment network (SAN) for TCPi, the ACR collaborated with other designated professional organizations to assist the development of Power Packs to spread the transformational work undertaken by clinicians and practices across the nation.

“The Power Packs demonstrate practical examples of practices embracing new approaches to improve patient care and lower health care costs,” said R-SCAN Program Director Nancy Fredericks, MBA.

The ACR is pleased that the TCPi Power Pack initiative highlights projects conducted by Radiology Partners, a 190-member radiology group practice, and a collaboration between radiologists and emergency department (ED) physicians at Main Line Health’s Riddle Hospital in suburban Philadelphia. The recently released six “Power Packs” illustrate the work of these two groups to solve a specific challenge a practice might face as it embarks on its transformation to value-based care. The entire lineup covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Data
  • Evidence-Based Care
  • Sustainable Business Operations
  • Person and Family Engagement
  • Joy in Work and Satisfaction
  • Care Coordination

According to CMS, the “Understanding Data” Power Pack describes how practices can analyze their data to find inefficiencies and adopt changes that improve health outcomes. Its value can be seen in Radiology Partners’ use of data analysis to increase the detection rate of significant incidental thyroid nodules (ITNs) and decrease the number of ultrasounds recommended for insignificant ITNs.

An R-SCAN project completed by radiology and emergency medicine teams at Riddle Hospital in Philadelphia is an exemplar for TCPi’s “Evidence-Based Care” Power Pack. As highlighted in CMS TCPi publications , the project illustrates how increasing physician recognition and adherence to evidence-based guidelines, such as ACR’s Appropriateness Criteria®, can improve clinical practices and patient care.

“By participating in R-SCAN and other ACR quality initiatives, radiology leaders are demonstrating their intention to be at the forefront of providing value-based care,” Fredericks said.