January 09, 2020

ACR Seeks Experts to Develop Measure for Incidental Findings Management

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) is accepting nominations for participation in a technical expert panel (TEP) that will develop a new quality measure informing the management of incidental radiology findings.

The measure development effort was made possible from an award to the ACR from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of its Diagnostic Excellence Initiative.

The initiative addresses the need to improve diagnostic performance, reduce costs and redundancy in the diagnostic process, improve health outcomes, and save lives.

The Closing the Loop quality measure for incidental finding management will assess the adoption of systematic tracking and care coordination by diverse practices to encourage the delivery of evidence-based, radiologist-recommended, follow-up care.

The ACR is seeking multidisciplinary stakeholders to serve on the TEP. The multidisciplinary panel will refine the quality measure concept, inform the measure development team on appropriate specification details and assist testing and implementation of the proposed quality measure.

TEP members will be selected to ensure representation from a variety of stakeholders, including (but not limited to) physicians, measure developers, quality improvement professionals, patients and their caregivers. TEP co-chairs include ACR members Nadja Kadom, MD, and David Seidenwurm, MD, FACR.

The nomination period will end Feb. 17, 2020. Individual and third-party nominations must submit a completed application and the requested nomination materials through the ACR’s designated portal.

Please visit acr.org for more information about this grant and the nomination requirements.