February 05, 2020

Pediatric ED Physicians Optimistic About Software-Based Clinical Decision Support

A study published in the February 2020 Journal of the American College of Radiology found that pediatric emergency department physicians (PEDPs) are optimistic that software-based clinical decision support (CDS) will help optimize their consultations with radiologists in emergency room settings.

Based on quantitative interviews, James Hogan, MD, and colleagues at University Radiology, an affiliate of the Rutgers Robert Johnson Medical School, Newark, NJ, learned that PEDPs value their consultations with radiologists. Such interactions were deemed especially worthwhile for scenarios that don’t fit neatly into clinical pathways.

Time and access limitations, and a disinclination to disrupt the radiologists’ workflow, were cited as barriers to such consultations; however, the physicians expressed confidence that software-based CDS mechanisms may improve workflow and facilitate more effective interactions with radiologists.