February 01, 2018

State Legislatures Consider Rad Tech Reforms

At least six state legislatures are contemplating reforms in 2018 for licensing and regulatory oversight of medical imaging technologists and radiologist assistants.

Trends are mixed with some states proposing expanded oversight of these imaging-related health care professionals while other states are considering bills that could reduce their regulation.

Alabama and Missouri could create new radiologic technology licensing boards. A bill before the Arizona state legislature would dissolve its board and move its regulatory functions to the state health services department.

Pending legislation in New Jersey would require the State Board of Medical Examiners to write rules covering radiologist assistant supervision. Alabama is considering possible licensure for its radiologist assistants.
A state-by-state rundown with links to proposed legislation follows.

Alabama HB 269 and SB 83

Alabama legislature is considering medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Patient Safety Act that would create a medical imaging and radiation therapy board and would require licensure of limited X-ray machine operators, magnetic resonance technologists, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, radiographers and radiologist assistants.

Arizona HB 2129 and HB 2257

Arizona is considering revisions to HB 2257. The proposed reforms would dissolve the state radiologic technologist and transfer its regulatory duties to a department within the Arizona Department of Health Services. The health services department director would appoint an advisory committee to assist the director with maintaining appropriate standards for radiologic technologist training, experience and licensure. The director would inform the committee about all relevant disciplinary actions.

Mississippi HB 895 and SB 2495

Mississippi’s HB 895 would have extended the date of the repeals on the statutes establishing registration and continuing education requirements for medical radiation technologists to 2021.The bill died in committee on January 30.

Missouri SB 926

Missouri SB 926 seeks to license persons performing radiologic imaging or administering radiation therapy and establishes the Missouri Radiologic Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board of Examiners. The bill was referred to the Senate Professional Registration Committee on January 25.

New Jersey AB 390

New Jersey’s AB 390 requires the State Board of Medical Examiners to approve procedures and establish level of supervision necessary for practice of radiologist assistants. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee.

Oklahoma SB 1329

Oklahoma SB 1329 seeks to expand the state’s radiologist assistant act to include radiologic technologist licensure through the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. SB 1329 will be filed on February 5.