February 26, 2016

Online Lectures Address Residents Quality Project Requirement

A compendium of short, open-source training modules, intended to help training programs meet the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirement for resident participation in quality projects, has been developed and posted online by ACR’s Committee of Government and Regulatory Issues in Academic Radiology.

The free lecture series features presentations by academic radiologists who have been recognized for their expertise in methods and tools for quality assessment and quality improvement.

The following topics are covered:
What, Why, How and Who of Quality and Value
Jim Rawson, MD, FACR

Reaching Beyond the Reading Room — Importance of Communication
Jonathan Berlin, MD, FACR

Tools for Quality Improvement
Nicole Dray Horst, MD, MEng

Patient Satisfaction: Underlying Causes and Impact
Christopher Straus, MD

Performance Improvement — Using the Lean Approach
Jonathan Kruskal, MD, PhD

Working in Interdisciplinary Teams
Bethany Niell, MD, PhD

Theory of Constraints
Sumir Patel, MD

MR Safety
Steffen Sammet, MD, PhD, DABR, FAMP

Root Cause Analysis
Norman Thomson III, MD, MBA, FACR