February 12, 2016

Kinevac Supply Situation Improves

Bracco Diagnostics Inc., recently alerted its customers that it now has a sufficient inventory of Kinevac® (Sincalide for Injection) to meet the clinical demand of its customers.

Kinevac® has been plagued by supply issues since mid 2013, prompting ACR to reach out to the manufacturer and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that they work together to resolve issues contributing to the shortage.

The shortage of Kinevac® adversely affected patient care because there are no FDA-approved alternatives. The product is used to stimulate gallbladder contraction during diagnostic imaging examinations to help radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians evaluate gallbladder function.

Nuclear Medicine has experienced several practice-altering shortages of radiopharmaceuticals and related products in recent years prompting ACR’s Commission on Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging to focus on issues related to the supply of such products.