February 12, 2016

Hawaii Radiologists Fight Insurance Rule With Neiman Almanac Data

The Neiman Almanac is now an important tool in legislative debates on imaging utilization. In Hawaii, lawmakers and health care providers are fighting back against new insurance requirements that make it harder for patients to get necessary imaging.

As part of this debate, the Hawaii Radiological Society reached out to the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute for important imaging data. A recent article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser has now used that data from the Neiman Almanac to supplement comments from doctors and patients about the importance of diagnostic

Although state insurers expressed concerns about increasing utilization, the Neiman Almanac shows that Hawaii has had a lower rate of imaging utilization than the national average for years. In 2013, the latest year available, the Neiman Almanac shows that Hawaii’s total imaging utilization was 42 percent lower than the national average. Hawaii’s spending on all imaging was also 42 percent less than the national average, addressing insurers’ concerns about rising health care costs.

The Neiman Almanac aggregates multiple years of data from varying data sources to create dynamic tables of both state and national figures on volume, spending, access and workforce of radiology services. The Neiman Almanac is a credible and objective source of information that is free to ACR Members and the general public.