February 08, 2018

NIH Seeks Input on "All of Us" Research Program

The American College of Radiology government relations staff participated with the American Medical Association in a meeting with leaders of the National Institute of Health’s All of Us program Feb. 2 to learn how their members can assist with this unique scientific inquiry into human health factors.

All of Us is the rebranded title of the NIH’s Precision Medicine Initiative. It was mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act and was authorized $1.45 billion over 10 years for research and related programs.

Organizers plan to gather pertinent data from one million participants by 2022 from their electronic health records, personal health records/apps, evaluations, consumer wearable devices, insurance claims, and other sources to gain insights about their health, habits, and communities. Individual researchers will be granted electronic access to the collected information, based on a passport model with tiers of varying data sensitivity. The All of Us staff hopes to draw interest from potential participants by promising actionable results channeled back to them in a responsible manner.

All of Us staff urged medical societies to educate their members about the program with the objective of leveraging the provider community’s connection with their patients to generate interest and participation.

Program organizers are looking for public feedback by Feb. 23 through a Request for Information to help inform research priorities related to precision medicine. They are specifically asking public stakeholders to send in their use cases and research questions of interest. An informal information-gathering IdeaScale website has been set up for this purpose, and the program will host a closed workshop March 21–23 for invitees from pertinent industries and organizations.