December 06, 2018

RAN Tweet Chat at RSNA18 Focuses on Price Transparency

On Tuesday, November 27, the Radiology Advocacy Network (ACR RAN) hosted its second annual RSNA tweet chat. This year’s topic of discussion was #PriceTransparency.

The goal of this chat was to engage radiologists in the conversation of defining and understanding price transparency within the profession and what it means to its patients.

In preparation for the tweet chat, RAN shared the article Defining the Goals of Health Care Price Transparency as background.

The tweet chat rendered great participation with over 300 engagements and a reach of more than 100,000 Twitter users.

The conversation was wide-ranging and full of interesting perspectives from a range of radiologists, non-radiologists, patient group participants and international medical professionals.

If you were unable to participate in the tweet chat but are interested in the conversation, you can view the RAN #PriceTransparency tweet chat transcript and continue the discussion of this timely issue on Engage.

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