August 12, 2016

Radiologist Job Opportunities Continue to Increase

The 2016 ACR Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey notes that job opportunities for radiologists have continued to increase since 2013.

According to the survey, published Aug. 3 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR):
  • The projected number of radiologists to be hired in 2016 represents a 16.2 percent increase from hiring in 2015
  • 1,713–2,223 new job openings are predicted this year
  • The number of potentially available jobs in 2016 represents an increase in hiring since 2013
  • Workforce needs may change depending on the retirement of senior group members
  • The data seem to show an increased percentage of female radiologists in younger age groups
  • Older radiologists continue to be a stable component of the radiology workforce
  • Most job openings in 2016 will be in the Midwest and the South; the least will be in New England
  • More jobs seem available, but as stated in previous years, the jobs may not necessarily be in the geographic area and practice type desired
Find more information in the article, written by Edward I. Bluth, MD, chair of the ACR Commission on Human Resources, and Swati Bansal, MS.