August 12, 2016

More Challenges Lie Ahead for ICD10 Coding

If you thought the first year of ICD-10 implementation was tough, Ezequiel Silva III, MD, FACR, predicts the second year beginning Oct. 1 will be even tougher.

Silva, the chair of the ACR Commission on Economics, warns that Medicare and some other large health insurers will issue more claims denials as they become less lenient about imprecise billing with ICD-10’s nearly 70,000 alphanumeric diagnostic codes. Moreover, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is planning to add 5,500 more codes to the ICD-10 diagnostic library this year. The reimbursement rules will change again in two to three years as the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is implemented.

Silva describes these challenges and offers practical steps on how to cope in “Big ICD-10 Challenges Ahead.” The article has been posted for early review and will be published in the October issue of the ACR Bulletin. The article should be considered mandatory reading for everyone involved in billing and receiving reimbursement for diagnostic and interventional radiology and radiation oncology services.