August 08, 2019

ACR Participates on AMA Panel on Augmented Intelligence Developments

American College of Radiology (ACR) Government Relations Specialist Tina Getachew recently participated on a panel covering augmented intelligence (AI) in health care at the American Medical Association’s annual State Advocacy Roundtable.

Overall, the roundtable afforded opportunities for specialty society lobbyists, general counsels and health care policy experts to discuss critical state issues in an informal setting.

The AI panel presented an overview of its subject area, defined relevant terminology and described examples of AI use cases.

Getachew explained the difference between locked and continuous learning algorithms using the example of an algorithm for detecting breast cancer lesions on mammograms as a continuous learning algorithm. She also addressed the notion of a ‘black box’ and bias.

She informed the audience about the creation of the ACR Data Science Institute® (DSI) and its efforts to define use cases for imaging AI, validate algorithms, provide real-world performance monitoring via registries and educate radiologists about the potential value of augmented intelligence.

She closed the session by urging specialty associations to help physicians influence the future direction of AI by developing their own use cases to guide developers toward the selection of projects that address specialty medicine’s most critical AI needs. She suggested exploring possible collaborations between specialty medical societies and relevant regulators and research agencies, using methods similar to what the ACR DSI is doing in the imaging field.