April 05, 2018

RADPAC March Chapter Challenge Scores Success

RADPAC’s Fourth Annual March Chapter Challenge was extremely successful, resulting in 708 supporters who contributed $162,997 to radiology’s political action committee.

This year’s campaign had five division winners: Rhode Island, Iowa, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This was the second time in four years that Iowa and Wisconsin won their divisions. It was the third straight year that Rhode Island won its division, and South Carolina kept its streak intact by winning for the fourth year in a row. This was the first year Pennsylvania won its division. Among all competing states, it produced the highest number of RADPAC contributors in March.

As of April 1, RADPAC raised over $340,000 from more than 1,100 contributors for the year.

The March Chapter Challenge generated momentum for RADPAC events planned for the ACR Annual Meeting in May in Washington, D.C.

On the evening of Tuesday, May 22, RADPAC will host a Contributor Reception for all RADPAC supporters, regardless the size of their contributions.

RADPAC’s Thank You Dinner Gala will follow. This year’s gala will be at the Italian Embassy. All radiologists who pledge to contribute $1,000 or more to RADPAC in 2018 are invited. The deadline to contribute or pledge to be eligible for the gala is April 25.

To pledge or to RSVP, please email Ted Burnes at: tburnes@acr.org.