April 02, 2020

AMA Describes Federal CARES Act Highlights for Physicians, Medical Students and Practices

The American Medical Association has released a summary covering numerous ways the $2 trillion dollar Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) will offer financial and regulatory relief to medical students, health care professionals and the facilities where they study or practice.

The report, updated March 31, 2020, covers the following:

  • Resources for physicians and physician practices,
  • Resources for medical students,
  • Expanded telehealth, and
  • Other noteworthy provisions, such as:
    • Supplemental awards for health centers,
    • Rural health care outreach, rural health development and small health provider quality improvement grants,
    • Pricing of diagnostic testing, and
    • Enhanced funding for personal protective equipment.

For radiology-specific information, see ACR COVID-19 Resources for Radiologists.