April 13, 2018

McGinty Focuses on ACR’s Strategic Vision at RBMA

Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, highlighted the strategic vision of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and how it aligns with her personal vision of effective leadership on April 7 at the Radiology Business Management Association’s 2018 PaRADigm conference in San Diego.

A previous chair of the ACR Commission on Economics, McGinty is completing a two-year term as vice-chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors before becoming the first woman in the ACR’s 96-year history to chair its board. Her induction will follow the ACR Annual Meeting in May.

McGinty explained that the ACR is driven by core values of leadership, integrity, quality and innovation, and a goal of ensuring members are universally acknowledged as leaders in the delivery and advancement of quality health care.

Starting with the goal of External Relationships, McGinty congratulated the RBMA on its 50th Anniversary and acknowledged the role strong women leaders have played in the organization’s success and in the close collaboration between ACR and RBMA. She emphasized the importance of connecting with stakeholders within the profession and externally with national and international stakeholders to educate the public about radiology’s importance to high-value health care.

McGinty also addressed other specific priorities covered in recently refreshed 2017 ACR Strategic Plan.

Addressing Health Care Payment Policies and Practice Models, she discussed the need to maintain fee-for-service reimbursement while actively engaging in new payment models. She stressed the importance of Clinical Decision Support as a key initiative demonstrating the radiologist’s unique role as a steward of appropriate imaging.

In speaking about Membership and Membership Engagement, McGinty described the need to deliver a meaningful and personalized member experience to grow a more diverse membership. She noted onsite child care and lactation facilities will be offered at the ACR’s Annual Meeting to make this year’s event more family friendly.

The topic of Patient- and Family-Centered Care presented an opportunity to showcase the Patient- and Family Centered Care Commission’s Toolkit to enable practice transformation.

Addressing the ACR’s Innovation and Research mission, McGinty pointed to the links between research, patient care delivery and payment innovation by highlighting the ACR’s role in administering the National Lung Screening Trial, the results of which led directly to Medicare covering low-dose CT scanning for lung cancer screening.

McGinty urged RBMA members to avail themselves of the many tools available via the Neiman Health Policy Institute that directly support practices in negotiations with payers and policy-makers, and she reiterated the ACR’s strong commitment to the appropriate use of artificial intelligence in imaging, a theme Keith J. Dreyer, DO, Ph.D, and chief science officer of the ACR Data Science Institute had stressed during a well-received lecture earlier at the RBMA’s PaRADigm conference.

McGinty concluded by sharing personal reflections on the importance of recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader and building effective teams. Expressing her gratitude to mentors, such as William T. Thorwarth, Jr., MD, FACR and Bibb Allen, Jr., MD, FACR, she spoke warmly about the next generation of radiology leaders and her obligation to give to them what her mentors gave to her. McGinty shared that radiology is once again a highly popular choice of residency and expressed great optimism for the future of the profession.