April 08, 2016

RADPAC March Madness Scores Again

RADPAC®, radiology’s political action committee, just ended another successful 2016 March Madness Campaign, raising more than $125,000 in contributions from 600 contributors. 

The campaign’s focus is on increasing the number of contributors to RADPAC, rather than emphasizing the value of the dollars raised.

For each round of the competition, state chapters advance based on the total number of contributors they have throughout March. At the end of the month, the state chapter with the most contributors in its division wins.

The 2016 winners are:
  • Division A: Rhode Island
  • Division B: Iowa
  • Division C: South Carolina
  • Division D: Wisconsin

This is the first time Rhode Island and Wisconsin have won the competition. South Carolina won its division for the second year in a row. Iowa won the inaugural March Madness Challenge back in 2013 and won again this year.

The winning chapters will receive a $500 check from RADPAC. RADPAC encourages them to use the money to pay for a resident to attend the upcoming RFS and ACR annual meetings in Washington, D.C.

Members are urged to mark their calendars for some special RADPAC events happening during ACR 2016 — The Crossroads of Radiology®. The RADPAC reception on May 17 is open to all RADPAC contributors. The RADPAC VIP/Thank You Dinner Gala will take place immediately after the reception. It is open to all members who pledge or contribute at least $1,000 by April 29. The “Capitol Steps” will perform at this year’s gala.