April 08, 2016

CMS Webinar to Cover Open Payment Data Reviews

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is planning a National Provider Call on April 12 to describe how physicians, teaching hospitals and physician office staffs can view and possibly dispute data submitted about them for the federal Open Payment (Sunshine) Act.

To comply with the law, medical device manufacturers have submitted data to the CMS Open Payments System to disclose direct and indirect payments or transfers of goods or services in 2015 to physicians and teaching hospitals. They also revealed the names of physicians and their immediate family members who held ownership or investment positions in their businesses last year.

The review and dispute period begins this month (April 2016). Physicians and teaching hospitals that have registered with the Open Payment System will have access to their data and have 45 days to review and dispute records attributed to them. On June 30, CMS will provide free public assess to 2015 payment data and updates to the 2013 and 2014 data.

The teleconference, organized by the Medicare Learning Network (MLN), will teach physicians and teaching hospitals how to access the Open Payments System to review the accuracy of data about them before it is published on the CMS website. Register with MLN for the event.