April 07, 2017

RADPAC March Madness Contest Breaks Records

With contributions of nearly $200,000 from 895 radiologists, the RADPAC® March Madness 2017 broke records as the most successful tournament in the program’s history.

The overall success of March Madness is measured by its ability to encourage young radiologists and radiologists in training to begin contributing to radiology’s political action committee. By that yard stick, this year’s results were extraordinary, with 159 more contributors than any previous RADPAC March Madness Campaign.

Chapters compete in one of four divisions, based on chapter membership size. This year’s winning chapters are:

Category A: Rhode Island
Category B: Utah
Category C: South Carolina
Category D: Virginia

The winning chapters will each receive a $500 contribution from RADPAC. Chapters commonly use this money to help send a resident from their state to attend the American College Radiology Annual Meeting.

Overall, the political action committee, which is affiliated with the American College of Radiology Association, is off to an exceptionally strong start in 2017. As of April 1, RADPAC saw a $92,000 increase in contributions from 300 more contributors than at this time last year.