ACR Council Volunteer Committees

The success of the annual Council meeting relies on help from member volunteers. Volunteers can work on credentials, reference or tellers committees. Each committee is described below along with its major functions.

If you would like to volunteer for an annual council meeting committee please complete the ACR Council committee volunteer form by Dec. 31. If you have any questions, please contact  

Annual Council meeting volunteers must be ACR members and hold the position of ACR Councilor.

Tellers Committee

The major functions of the tellers committee are:

  • To administer the annual ACR elections — to register councilors, tally votes, and ensure a fair and impartial process
  • To ensure that the speaker receives the proper vote count on the Council floor when a head count is required 

Time and service for this committee are essential but not limiting; this responsibility will not limit the opportunity to participate fully in the meeting. The appointed Head Teller will assist with the timing of the candidate speeches when presented to the Council. Each appointed Teller will then be asked to officiate in the elections which will take place for a period of three (3) hours during a time following the candidate speeches. All members of the committee are to be in the Council meeting on Tuesday afternoon should a head count be required.

Reference Committee

The major functions of the Reference Committees are:

  • To listen to comments made during the open session debate
  • To provide recommended actions to resolutions based on open session debate
  • To report those recommendations back to the Council floor for final determination 

Time and service for these committees requires participation in a pre-meeting conference call and a commitment to attending the Council’s open session hearing, the committee's closed session deliberation, and the Council session when reference committee reports are presented.

New in 2024

As a result of Resolution 2, passed by the Council in 2022, a virtual meeting will be held March 12 and March 14 from 7:00 - 9:30pm ET. This meeting will consist of Reference Committee open hearings for Practice Parameters and Technical Standards. Service on a Reference Committee for the virtual meeting will require participation in both the virtual and in-person meetings. Reference Committee members for the virtual meeting will need to be available either March 12 or 14, and the day following the meeting to prepare the Reference Committee report.

The general break down for each day of the virtual meeting is below, click each link to view the full list of documents.

All of the proposed resolutions being presented for the Council meeting are divided among the reference committees based on the subspecialty(ies) and/or policy topic(s) assigned. More detailed information about the reference committee, its functions and rules can be found in the Procedures of the Council.

Credentials Committee

The major functions of the Credentials Committee are:

  • To ensure that councilors are appropriately credentialed (list provided by staff)
  • To facilitate councilors’ ability to vote during council sessions
  • To report to the Council that a quorum has been achieved prior to each Council session opening (by credentials committee chair) 

Time and service for this committee is shared among committee members over the course of the meeting, and acceptance to serve in this fundamental capacity would require a time commitment that is agreed upon by the group.