Call for Nominations - Exclusive extension for CNC member position through February 3, 2023

Deadline and Criteria

The College Nominating Committee (CNC) is seeking additional candidates exclusively for the CNC member position during this extension and must receive the following by February 3, 2023, at 3pm ET:

  • Completed application including the applicant’s current curriculum vitae;
  • A recent photograph for use in the election manual and printed annual meeting signage (Minimum size: 3" x 4" (head and shoulders). Resolution: 300 dpi high resolution camera setting - no web images. Full Color; file format: TIF or JPEG);
  • At least two letters of support from ACR members. (Due by February 9, 2023, at 3pm ET*Please note that current members of the Board of Chancellors may not be solicited for letters of support.

New and returning candidates from prior years must complete the new online Candidate Application. Candidate responses obtained from the application will be published in the ACR Election Manual.

All candidates must attend the ACR 2023 annual meeting in-person from May 6-10, 2023, in Washington, DC. The candidates in contested elections will provide a two-minute presentation to the Council.

The CNC will make recommendations for the following elected and/or selected positions: Applications will only be accepted for the CNC member position during this extension.

  • Board of Chancellors (BOC) vacancies
    • President (elected 1-year term)
    • Vice President (elected 1-year term)
    • Commission on Body Imaging (elected 3-year term)
    • Commission on Human Resources (elected 3-year term)
    • Commission on Membership & Communications (elected 3-year term)
    • Commission on Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (elected 3-year term)
    • Commission on Patient and Family Centered Care (elected 3-year term)
    • Commission on Ultrasound (elected 3-year term)
    • American Radium Society (ARS) Representative (selected 3-year term)
    • Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) Representative (selected 2-year term)
  • Council Steering Committee (CSC) vacancies
    • Council Speaker (elected 2-year term)
    • Council Vice Speaker (elected 2-year term)
    • Council Steering Committee member (elected 2-year term)
  • **College Nominating Committee member (elected 2-year term)**
  • Intersociety Summer Conference - Private Practice representative (selected 2-year term)

Be sure to review complete details for position qualifications and time commitment, the ACR Electioneering Policy and the Code of Conduct.

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