ACR-SPR MRI & CT of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Disorders



This two-and-a-half-day course is designed to optimize clinical practice skills by providing intense training in interpreting pediatric cardiac MR examinations under the supervision of expert faculty. Participants use workstations with Medis and have access to over 100 congenital and pediatric cardiovascular MR cases. Pre- and post-operative cases will be available for review. Post-processing techniques will be emphasized. The course also covers technical considerations for obtaining optimal examinations for interpretation. Preparation material for this course can be found here. (registration required)

Improve understanding of:

  1. Normal cardiovascular anatomy and normal anatomic variants.
  2. The spectrum of pediatric congenital and acquired cardiovascular disease, and natural history of the most common conditions.
  3. The therapeutic options and operative techniques in each condition, as well as the complications that can arise following treatment.
  4. Imaging manifestations of pediatric cardiovascular disease, and the complementary role of MRI to echocardiography, CT and cardiac catheterization in therapeutic decision-making in the pre-operative and post-operative period.
  5. The technical basis of pediatric cardiovascular MRI, including hardware requirements, sequence selection and optimization, and technical limitations.
  6. Post-processing techniques for functional, flow and angiographic evaluation.
  7. Provide a forum for sharing knowledge of ongoing technical and clinical developments in the field of MRI of congenital and pediatric cardiovascular disease.

Attendees who interpret a minimum of 50 pediatric cardiovascular MR scans will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency stating they meet the case requirement as specified in the ACR Practice Guideline for Performance and Interpretation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).