The Ultrasound Accreditation Program involves the acquisition of clinical images, submission of relevant physician reports corresponding to clinical images submitted, and quality control documentation.

Program Requirements

It is required that you carefully read the Diagnostic Modality Accreditation Program Overview for a summary of the accreditation process and the modality-specific program requirements before applying for accreditation.

Electronic image submission is now available for Ultrasound facilities! When completing the accreditation application, select “electronic” for the type of submission. This new option will reduce the turnaround time for accreditation image review. For more information, see the User Instructions for Electronic Submission of Images.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Apply for Accreditation

An online accreditation system is available for the Ultrasound Accreditation Program. Existing facilities that have already applied with the ACR for this program should access the system for the first time by following the steps in the account activation document below. Facilities applying for ultrasound for the first time can follow the link to the online system and click the link to "register" for an account.

Testing and QC Forms

Facilities that have applied for the Ultrasound Accreditation Program will submit the following documents with their image submission for review.

Continuing Education and Experience Forms

The following forms can be used to keep track of continuing education and continuing experience for the physicians and technologists.