Cardiac CT Certificate of Advanced Proficiency (CoAP)

The rigorous CoAP exam, given at the ACR Headquarters, is the first of its kind to include both a knowledge-based, multiple-choice component and a practical component that allows candidates to conduct actual cardiac CT case assessments in an entirely computer-based format.

DXIT™ & TXIT™ In-Training Examinations

The Diagnostic Radiology In-Training (DXIT) exam and the Radiation Oncology In-Training (TXIT) exam are given annually by the ACR. Participation is voluntary and open to first- through fourth-year residents only.

Continuous Professional Improvement (CPI)

You set the learning pace with this unique self-evaluation program. Study casework with excellent images, discussion and up-to-date references. Each individual printed module is written and reviewed by a panel of leading subspecialty experts ensuring benefit for advanced subspecialists as well as residents.