DXIT™ & TXIT™ In-Training Examinations

The Diagnostic Radiology In-Training (DXIT) exam and the Radiation Oncology In-Training (TXIT) exam are given annually by the ACR. Participation is voluntary and open to first- through fourth-year residents, and Fellows.

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Continuous Professional Improvement (CPI)

Study relevant and current casework with excellent images, discussion and up-to-date references. Each module is written and reviewed by a panel of leading subspecialty experts ensuring benefit for advanced subspecialists as well as residents. Choose either print or online formats, and receive a complimentary digital copy (e-book) for your reference. Experience the ACR’s popular self-assessment product!

CPI – Putting Excellence into Practice!


RADAR offers 11 distinct and comprehensive assessments with image-rich questions and instant feedback from experts in the field. The program will help to develop an individualized learning plan, enhance your current knowledge base and improve your performance ― across the radiology subspecialty spectrum.

  • Web and mobile-enabled
  • Repeat assessment panels for ongoing, lifelong learning and improvement